The The Iliad is the first proper release of a game using the Clay/Stage role playing framework.

In this game you play as a character on board a generation ship destined for a star sytem some 50 light years out. While the trip for those on board is only going to take 20 years, some 100 years will pass on Earth. It is, for all sakes and purposes, a one-way trip. And as such, the ship was designed with all of the comforts of home. (Including parks, a beach, massive agricultural fields, a herd of cattle, and just about every useful plant that can be cultivated in artificial conditions.)

Your character starts 18 years into the Journey as either:

Each archetype has advantages and disadvantages. Both step out onto the ship as beings who have to figure out who they are, and what role they will play on the mission. But unlike most other RPGs on the market, there is no combat in the main story. If there is someone who is an obstacle to progress you either have to work with them, or around them. Your ability to exert control around the ship comes from building relationships with your fellow inhabitants.

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